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Corporate Information

Just Dial Group provides Gold line long distance services, who since 1991 have been a provider of prepaid long distance calling cards in Canada and US, facilitates in Toronto, Burnaby, Vancouver, Ottawa and San Diego with over 250 employees, the largest provider of prepaid long distance services in North America and the only company of its kind that maintains complete ownership and control of all aspects of its business.

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Who else is part of JD Group?

In our quest to become the best, JD Group formed partnerships with leaders in their respective industries. To provide clients with the best in long distance communications, JD Group partnered with
Bell and Telus Mobility to become one of the most successful dealers in North America. When JD Group decided to enter the business of prepaid long distance, JD Group joined forces with Gold Line Telemanagement to be recognized as Gold Line's biggest dealer in Western Canada.
JD Group Services

Just Dial Group's singular business focus is delivering long distance telecommunications savings by developing and introducing new and unique products such as Just Dial DCall™, Just Dial Voip, Just Dial IDCaller™ and Just Dial Reconnect to service the needs of residential and business customers both domestically and abroad.
Partnering for Success!

Our success is due to our philosophy of maintaining a consistent combination of high quality, low cost and outstanding customer service. JD Group works with local brands and associations to improve service and provide greater service to more people in USA and Canada!
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